How This Film Editor Added Love Back into His Life Script with Woo Dating App

He felt stuck and lonely in dark editing studios… Until he discovered Woo app — his ray of hope and chance to find new love!

The credits to my happines is her!

I’m all excited when I see my name appear on the credit roll of a movie. But, that’s just about the only glamorous part of my job. Let me tell you my full story…

My name is Prashant Iyer, and I’m a film editor. I have worked with leading filmmakers in Mumbai’s much-envied Bollywood. It may sound like fun, but it takes hours of work in a dark editing console with your eyes fixed on the screen, only moving away to look at the script.

Mind you, the strain is not just on your eyes…it directly affects your love life too!

I’m 35 and successful, but my erratic working hours, which sometimes start in the early evening, and go on till the wee hours of the morning, impact almost every area of my life…particularly my chance of finding a girlfriend, let alone a life partner.

One day, after finishing the editing of a two-and-half-hour long Hindi feature film, I decided to go out and simply let loose. My friend, Amit, and I went to a brewery near the house, and ordered a pitcher of the freshest craft beer.

Half way through the pitcher, I began to pour my heart out… I complained about my long working hours, and the lack of love in my life. Being stuck in a studio, I didn’t even know what options were available, and how I could add some magic to my boring routine life.

That’s when my friend Amit mentioned the dating app Woo…

Apparently, while I had been busy looking at film heroines on the screen, my buddy had been scrolling numerous dating apps to find a girlfriend.

Woo also has algorithms that find you a more compatible match. Woo keeps several factors in mind like matching age, location, profession, hobbies etc.

I was so excited to see a ray of hope, that I downloaded Woo dating app right then and there.

Together, my friend and I created my dating profile, after following clear and simple instructions from Woo app.

We finished another pitcher of beer, and the night came to an end… I was so happy to go home a bit more hopeful. I decided to start my hunt on Woo app the next day itself, but of course when I was not in an inebriated state!

The next morning, I had a smile on my face… I had a plan for love, finally!

I was excited… I took my much-deserved day off to look at profiles on Woo dating app. I flipped and flipped away, the girls were pretty but somehow I wasn’t finding a good match for some time.

After a quick coffee break, I went back to Woo app, and chanced upon a face that looked both calm and attractive… She had this glint in her eyes that comes from being happy in your own company. I pressed like on her profile, and waited for a response.

To my surprise, I got an instant response from RB — that’s all that her name said at that point. What the heck…I guess initials were enough till we knew each other better!

Thereafter the casual banter started between RB and me…

First, we asked each other general questions; then we moved on to more specific ones, about our values, what we’re looking for in a partner etc. The conversation continued for a few hours on Woo app’s chat service, until I finally gathered courage to ask her, if I could hear her voice.

She said yes, and Woo calling came in handy…

RB had a certain rhythm to her voice; it was full of youthfulness… I knew instantly that I wanted to meet her, and I didn’t waste any time asking her out.

We fixed a meeting over the weekend… Over the week, we chatted through Woo calling and got to know each other and our schedules better. I told her about my job and its taxing hours, and she said no problem, she herself was studying medicine and understood a life with odd hours.

We’d chat whenever we got free time over Woo calling every chance we’d get…

Finally the day to meet each other arrived, and RB gave me her real name — it was Ruchika Baig…sure sounded interesting!

I was all geared to impress Ruchika Baig who I had found on Woo dating… I put on a t-shirt and my best fitting jeans. I wore my favourite cologne and gelled my hair in place.

I waited for her at a Starbucks nearest to her house — the meeting place we had chosen.

From the moment she entered, I knew it was her! Slim toned figure, smiling face, demure eyes, and stylish clothing that didn’t reveal much, but still had a hint of sexy.

Ruchika and I hit it off from the get go… We chatted and chatted, and moved from coffee in Starbucks to a drink at the nearest bar, and finally ended the evening with dinner and dessert at my favourite restaurant.

We parted with much angst that day…but both of us were happy to have found each other.

Without saying it, we knew a beautiful relationship had begun, and we would spend a lot more time with each other in the future.

Ruchika and I have been dating for over a year now…

I am planning to propose marriage to her after the release of my next film… Her medical school exams will be over by then too, and we can then plan a future together.

Honestly, I can’t thank Woo dating app enough for introducing me to the love of my life…

Here I was, thinking I would die single on the editing table, but instead Woo app rescued me from a dark place (pun intended), and brought plenty of sunshine into my life.

I’m glad I have someone to ‘Woo’, now and forever… And, I really believe — no one should edit love out of their life!

There are times when we think there’s no hope, but there always is… We just have to be open to going out there, in person or through dating apps like Woo, and start finding who we’re looking for.

If you haven’t downloaded the Woo app yet, do so now…and add some romance and action into your life ASAP!

*Names have been changed for privacy

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